Clarksburg Edition: Sabaidee Thai

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Sebaidee Thai

Sabaidee Thai, located in Clarksburg, is a new addition to the dining scene, and while in the area, I wanted to check it out. They had a really simple online ordering process, so I placed my order via phone and walked inside to pick it up.

Sebaidee Thai

The interior was a bit dated, but decorated with some Asian-inspired art. They were a bit flustered when I walked in - not sure why - but after waiting a few minutes, they turned their attention toward me. My order was ready and waiting on me, so I received that and went on my way.

Sebaidee Thai

I ordered a few appetizers to snack on. First up were these "crab blankets," which were crab rangoons. They were standard - not a ton of flavor, aside from the oils from the wrapper. 

Sebaidee Thai

Then, I tried the pork dumplings, which I thought would come with more flavors of sauce. These kinda ended up being a little gummy - but the flavor was okay. 

Sebaidee Thai

Finally, I had a spring roll, and it was decent. Overall, I think I have super high standards for Thai food, because it's one of my favorites. This was average.

Grade: C

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