Bridgeport Edition: Authentically Mia's Korean & American Cuisine

By Candace Nelson - 6:50 PM

Authentically Mias

One of the most exciting restaurants I've had the pleasure of enjoying recently is located in Bridgeport: Authentically Mia's Korean & American Cuisine.

Authentically Mias
"Authentically Mia’s offers Korean/American fusion cuisine just around the corner! Enjoy tender, juicy, Korean-style beef, pork, and chicken specialties served in flavorful sauces with wonderfully hearty accents such as rice and mung bean noodles with a colorful explosion of vegetables. Choose tasty Korean Kimbap (pronounced “keem-bahp”; kim = seaweed & bap = seasoned rice) – a rolled, sushi-like staple of South Korean dining. Indulge in Bulgogi (pronounced “bool-GOH-gee” ; “fire meat”) – thin, marinated strips of barbecued prime cuts of beef and pork. Try our sweet, spicy, and savory wraps, bowls, salads, and much more – all served with Mia’s special touch!"

Authentically Mias

The restaurant is only open during lunch hours during the weekdays, so it took me some time to make it here. The menu: Because this restaurant offers something unique, something you can't find in many other places, it was a joy to peruse the menu. Kimbap? Bulgogi? Bi Bim Bop? I wanted everything. And ... I may have ordered a little of everything to go. Let's start with the bulgogi lunch - which comes with rice, kimchi and a spring roll. I have a soft spot for bulgogi because the first time I ever heard of it was in the kitchen of a friend of a friend's vacation home. Her family recipe blew my mind. I've been hooked ever since. It's sweet and salty and comforting. Rice makes it a filling dish, the kimchi adds some tang, and the spring roll some crunch. It's a symphony of texture and flavor.

Authentically Mias

And while that was more than filling, my eyes were bigger than my stomach and I had to try their special that day, which included California rolls, kimbap, and yubuchobap and a side of Mia's soy sauce, which is just a bit sweet. California rolls with avocado and crab were delish. The kimbap has that bulgogi, pickled radish and cucumber - it's almost a sweeter and yet more savory version of a sushi roll. And the yubuchobap are like envelopes of rice with a chewy tofu exterior. Even down to the sweet slices of kiwi, this meal is perfectly balanced. 

My only regret? That I haven't been back yet. 

Grade: A

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