Hurricane Edition: Oma Goodness

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Oma Goodness

I stumbled upon Oma Goodness on Facebook, and I love to support a local business - especially when they're offering sweets! 

Oma Goodness

"Oma Goodness is a home based candy business that offers homemade goodies from your childhood. Fantasy fudge, no-baked cookies, potato candy, hard rock candy, coconut bon-bons and more! It is all custom made, all by hand." 

Oma Goodness

I ordered some milk chocolate buckeyes (yum!) and some cool whip candy, because it sounded fun! She even threw in an extra St. Patrick's Day-themed candy sucker because it was near the holiday! The buckeyes were delish. I always love a good buckeye. The cool whip candy was kinda reminiscent for me of a Three Musketeers. Have you tried this tasty home business yet?

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