Beckley Edition: Gourmet Grazing

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Gourmet Grazing

These home-based charcuterie businesses are popping up around the state - and I am so happy about it. We've tried one in Morgantown and one in Charleston, and now, there's Gourmet Grazing in Beckley.

Gourmet Grazing

There are a variety of different kinds of charcuterie boards you can order, depending on how many folks you plan to feed. For a small portion, I ordered a 6x6 and when asked if there were any specifications, I just asked for no dark chocolate (bleh) - which is so nice! Since she prompted me, I felt like I wasn't being a pain. 

Gourmet Grazing

Typically, they deliver, but since I was just driving through town, I picked it up. I also believe they may be in the process of getting their own location - which is so exciting! 

Gourmet Grazing

The box was full of cheese, fruit, salami, chocolate and more. 

Gourmet Grazing

And I absolutely loved the cute little wooden utensils, like this absolutely adorable honey dipper. I just can't with how cute it is. I think that's part of this whole like experience - the picking and choosing and abundance of goodies and it's all presented in this lovely little package. Are you a fan?

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  1. Wow!! I am so flattered by the kind words, I wished I would have happened upon this article sooner! I do now have a new location in Crab Orchard, about 5 minutes from the original spot!


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