J.Q. Dickinson Appalachian Mercantile - April

By Candace Nelson - 8:33 PM

JQD - April

It's my favorite time of the month - J.Q. Dickinson Appalachian Mercantile delivery day!! Let's see what we have. 

JQD - April

Spicewalla - Buxton Hall Chicken Seasoning: From award winning chef and pitmaster Elliott Moss this rub will elevate chicken, or any other white meat, to another level. Perfect blend of sugar salt and spices. Made in Asheville North Carolina.

WV Harvest - Sweet Pickled Ramps: The embodiment of Appalachian delicacy, Pickled Ramps are the perfect accompaniment to any dish or as a stand alone treat. Natures springtime gift from Morgantown, WV is an amazing blend of wild onion and garlic flavor.

Vino di Milo - Fresh Herb Marinara Sauce: Smooth and savory! This seductive marinara has loads of fennel, thyme, basil, and parsley for an incredible flavor. Finished with a splash of Malbec

Scratch Pasta - Spinach Fusilli: These delicious pastas are made in Lynchburg, VA by Stephanie Fees of Scratch Pasta Co. The Virginia Wheat Campanelle is made with a mix of semolina flour and Virginia-grown wheat flour, this whole wheat pasta is a lighter alternative to traditional whole wheat pastas. Balanced and delicately flavored, this pasta is perfect in just about anything, but our go-to move is mixing it with some delicious pesto. Stands up to heartier sauces. The Semolina Pappardelle is perfect for a simple tomato sauce or a heavier bolognese. It has a great texture. Gluten free fusilli is made with a blend of tapioca and brown rice flour for a perfect texture. The Spinach Fusilli is an amazing bright colored pasta that will brighten any meal.

Lindera Farms - Lemongrass Ponzu Sauce: Lindera Farms' owner, Daniel Liberson, sources local ingredients around Virginia for his vinegar and soy sauce. The Honey Vinegar is made from honey near his farm and is a rich, slightly sweet vinegar with low acidity. It is a great addition to any salad. The Ramp Vinegar is made with ramps foraged by Daniel himself. It's bright onion/garlic flavor is great on vegetables of any kind. The Soy Sauce is made from dark, rich, locally grown black soy beans. It is finished with apple wood to give it a touch of smokiness. Drizzle over meats, stews, and sauteed vegetables to elevated the flavors of your cooking. The Scotch Bonnet and Aji Pepper hot sauce is a must in every pantry. It has a kick of heat but excellent flavor that will not overwhelm the palate. The ponzu sauce is made with citrus and lemongrass. It is a great seasoning for Asian food. Most items come in 100 ml bottles, others in both 100 ml and 200 ml bottles.

Thomaswork - Leaf Motif Bookmark: Lazer cut bookmarks that feature a crisp tree design into either sycamore or walnut. Produced by Matt Thomas, of ThomasWorks in Shock, WV these bookmarks are the perfect way to keep your place in a good book.

JQD - April

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