Weirton Edition: Wing It

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Wing It

Wing It
, located in Weirton, focuses on - wait for it - wings! I went here a month or two back (when yes, it was still snowing) while at home visiting family. I ended up going here because they made it SO EASY. You can order right online, and they have a drive-up window. In the times of COVID-19, it's so simple and safe to get some dinner this way. 

Wing It

So, I ordered a half pound of boneless wings in honey BBQ - a classic. And I picked them up right at the window. This was honestly a huge portion, and they had a nice crispy coating. The flavor left a little to be desired. I love honey BBQ, but this wasn't especially flavorful. I wish there was more or it was more bold - but that's on me. Next time, I'll try another.

Have you been?

Grade: B

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  1. If you like spicy, I recommend their Hot Ranch flavor. It's really good, I get it every time I order wings from Wing It.

    1. I can do a liiiitttle spicy - but that might be too much!


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