Barboursville Edition: Gino's Pizza & Spaghetti House

By Candace Nelson - 8:12 PM

Ginos - Barboursville

After trying just about everything on Gino's menu, I can easily declare that the pepperoni bites are my favorite item.

Ginos - Barboursville

However, only the Huntington-area locations offer them. So when it was time to finally try out the Barboursville location, I was more than excited to order my pepperoni bites.

Ginos - Barboursville

These poppable delights are full of pepperoni and topped with romano and garlic butter. They're so good... until they're not. Unfortunately, these ones were baked through the middle and I found myself chewing on raw dough. So, my tummy wasn't happy with that - and I threw the remainder away. Sometimes it's just an off night - or even just an off hour - but this wasn't my favorite rendition. Off to the next location. 

Ginos - Barboursville

Grade: C

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