Marmet Edition: Gino's Pizza & Spaghetti House

By Candace Nelson - 6:12 PM

Ginos - Marmet

Another day, another Gino's. This time - we're in Marmet.

Ginos - Marmet

Marmet is actually not all that far from me, so this is one of my "local" Gino's spots. Like most others, it's attached to a Tudor's Biscuit World, and I was thankful to see this one had a drive-thru (I've discovered a few that haven't!). 

Ginos - Marmet

First up is an antipasto salad. Under that generous layer of mozzarella is some cold iceberg, cold cuts, peppers and olives. It was so cold - maybe in the fridge for a while? - that I actually let it set out for a bit before digging in. I do like the assortment of different toppings.

Ginos - Marmet

And the pizza - it's growing on me! The small makes a nice single-serving, and I like the slightly sweet sauce. I just wish I could get the bottom crisper. Otherwise, not too shabby.

Grade: B

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