Charleston Edition: Phat Daddy's On Da Tracks

By Candace Nelson - 8:07 PM

Phat Daddy’s

Phat Daddy's on Da Tracks
is an open-air BBQ joint located on the West Side of Charleston that is Black owned. They're still in their opening phase, but they are serving consistently so my friend and coworker Hannah and I went to check it out.

Phat Daddy’s

The restaurant has been sharing their progress vis their Facebook page - from a simple structure to a more sprawling space brightly colored in red and yellow. 

Phat Daddy’s

At the register, there is a menu, which consists of items like philly cheesesteak (chopped cheese), fried fish sandwiches, steak or shrimp bowls (which have a baked potato and broccoli), plus more traditional BBQ items like brisket and ribs are coming soon.

Phat Daddy’s

I ordered a "chopped cheese," macaroni & cheese, and tater tots. I usually don't got for a philly cheesesteak, because I've had many that are full of fat or gristle or lack flavor and are full of grease. Let me be clear: This "chopped cheese" is one of the best I've had. Every single bite was full of flavor - tender meat, creamy cheese, perfect bread, and some texture from peppers and onions. You have got to try it.

Phat Daddy’s

The mac & cheese was good - it was more like milky, rather than cheesy? So very creamy and peppery. Different, but tasty. And the tater tots were standard - I'd love to kick them up with a cheese sauce or something.

Phat Daddy’s

Go support them and fill your belly with yummy food.

Grade: A

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