J.Q. Dickinson Salt-Works - Appalachian Mercantile October Box

By Candace Nelson - 6:53 PM

JQD - Oct

This month's J.Q. Dickinson Appalachian Mercantile subscription may be one of my favorites yet. Why? Well, I immediately started using 4 of the products as soon as I opened it. The bourbon beef jerky, pretzels and creamy mustard became my dinner, while I lit the candle for some ambiance. 

JQD - Oct

Here's what we got this month:

Multi-grain pretzels: Don't settle for 1 Grain when you can have 7 in these hearty multi-grain "Splits". All-natural, quality baked goodness. Unique homestyle baking process precisely matures the pretzel dough and then bakes it to split-open perfection from Reading, Pennsylvania.

Bourbon beef jerky: Made with North Carolina double malt bourbon. Subtle flavors with a touch of molasses & a sweet black pepper finish. Produce in Conover North Carolina.

Coffee: Taylor Coffee is an artisan coffee roasting company that is locally owned and operated in Charleston, WV. The medium grind cinnamon dulce is a deliciously sweet way to start the day.

Mustard: Sweet, hot, creamy, and delicious this mustard can be used as a traditional condiment or a dipping sauce. Each batch from Athens, Ohio is made with the highest quality ingredients. Available in Famous Kream and Golden Ale

Cherry Spreader: This beautiful cherry spreader is the perfect match to our cherry butter dish but can also be used with cheeses. It will quickly become a favorite utensil in your kitchen. 7" Made by Matt Thomas of ThomasWork in Shock, WV

Votive Candle: Made of beeswax from Smokey Ridge Apiary 

This mustard - the famous Kream - is like my favorite kind of mustard. It's a little hot, it's sweet, it has a consistency of like honey. It's really good - and perfect to dip pretzels into. I'll be buying it again.

Also Taylor Coffee! I had never heard of it, and I love trying every new coffee roasted in West Virginia. So, this was quite the treat. Here's some more on them:

Taylor Coffee is an artisan coffee roasting company with a mission to bring elevated coffee experiences and local profit by selling and serving locally roasted coffee.

A locally owned and operated West Virginia business, we sprung from Taylor Books, the wonderfully eclectic Independent Bookstore/ Cafe/ Art Gallery/ Underground Theater founded in 1995 by Ann Taylor Saville.

David, our VP of Flavor and Roaster is Ann’s oldest child. He brought artisan, locally roasted coffee to Charleston in 1997 as the original roaster for Taylor Books.

David’s 30+ years of coffee expertise began in Los Angeles, CA and continues to grow. Now he is developing an apprenticeship program for West Virginians to participate in this booming industry.

We donate to Cafe Appalachia in support of their beautiful mission : enjoy Taylor Coffee there and help them support WV families !

Newly located at Boulevard Tower, a nationally registered historic building, Taylor Coffee will serve Charleston as an elegant, private indoor & garden setting, providing special occasions such as wine, local beer and coffee tastings, weekend brunch and events supporting local catering and businesses as we recover together from the pandemic and bring prosperity back to our lives.

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