Charleston Edition: Brasserie 1863

By Candace Nelson - 3:56 PM

Brasserie 1863

The Embassy Suites in Charleston is home to Brasserie 1863, a restaurant in the atrium area of the hotel.

Brasserie 1863

Previously, the hotel was home to a sports bar, but I was excited to check out the rebrand especially because it pays homage to West Virginia by including 1863 in the name. 

Brasserie 1863

I went with a few friends, and we looked over the menu. It's not huge, but it has enough variety to supply the standards and have something for everyone. 

Brasserie 1863

I decided to keep it simple with a cheeseburger - the 1863 Burger, which is a custom blend of sirloin and brisket with cheddar on brioche. 

Brasserie 1863

The burger was pretty solid. I dressed mine up with ketchup and mayo to suit my preferences, bit it was a good slate upon which you could build. Fries were good. AND, one of the amazing managers Meagan even gave us some dessert on the house - which always tastes better. Great service, good food and fun friends.

Grade: A

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