Sunday, February 3, 2019

Cincinnati, OH Edition: Cincinnati Museum Center Chocolate Exhibit

Chocolate exhibit

I was really excited to check out the Cincinnati Museum Center (because I'm a nerd).

Chocolate exhibitBut, I was even more excited when I learned they were having their Chocolate exhibition.

Chocolate exhibitIt was so cool and went through the history of chocolate throughout the centuries.

Chocolate exhibitAnd, then we got to try some samples of chocolate!

Chocolate exhibitI was surprised to find that I really didn't like most of them.

Chocolate exhibit
The chocolate that I have become accustomed to is very sweet - compared to the bittersweet or unsweet versions.

Chocolate exhibit
Chocolate hasn’t always been a bar. It hasn’t always been widely available. It hasn’t even always been sweet. Chocolate: The Exhibition tracks the rich history of the cacao bean, from its beginning as a royal — even divine — Maya drink to its current role as a romantic gesture, guilty pleasure and global commodity. Follow the history of chocolate culture and science from the 10th century rainforest to the modern-day corner store.
Chocolate exhibit
This sweet that we enjoy at leisure today used to be reserved for only the very wealthy.

Chocolate exhibitSo, it's pretty neat to think about its journey.

Chocolate exhibit

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