Cincinnati, OH Edition: Terry's Turf Club

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Terry’s turf bar

Terry's Turf Club is a quirky restaurant, clad in neon signs, and is a bit of a dive - but with fancy burgers.

Terry’s turf barThis restaurant is usually pretty packed, but we got lucky.

Terry’s turf barIt's been on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, so that surely brings a lot of folks in - including us!

Terry’s turf barTo start off with, there are peanuts on the table for a snack.

Terry’s turf barAs we looked over the menu, I had a tough time figuring out how to make my burger.

Terry’s turf barThere are tons of toppings and cheeses and all kinds of delicious things - but they add up quick!

Terry’s turf barSo I actually kept it simple for my first burger there. I got the burger, topped with swiss cheese and bearnaise sauce.

Terry’s turf barIt is all served on paper plates, which is fine.

Terry’s turf barAnd overall, I thought it was a decent burger. Next time I'll splurge for a fancy cheese and topping to go all out.

Terry's Turf Club Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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