Capital City Empty Bowls 2019

By Candace Nelson - 9:17 AM

Empty Bowls 2019

Capital City Empty Bowls is an event hosted by Manna Meal, which is a soup kitchen whose purpose is to fulfill a basic human need – food.

Empty Bowls 2019"We are also an important entry point for connecting folks to other social services. Manna Meal's guests consist of homeless, mentally challenged, senior citizens, young families, public-assistance recipients, under-employed service workers, and people with health problems and/or disabilities."

Empty Bowls 2019Empty Bowls is a fundraising event where the public can purchase tickets and sample some of the area's best soups, while collecting a handmade bowl to go.

Empty Bowls 2019They offered two sessions:

  • Lunch 11am - 2pm carry-out only $15
  • Dinner 4pm - 7pm dine-in or carry-out $25
Empty Bowls 2019
And each session had different soups available:

Bridge Road Bistro Roasted Red Pepper Bisque
The Lucky Dill Tuscan Bean Soup
East End Pub Chili
Tara Martinez Emerald Buddha
Albondigas (Mexican Meatball)
Luke Rodecker Spanish Cheese Ravioli
Ms. Groovy's Kitchen: Gourmet Catering Creole Stew

Joe's Fish Market Yugoslavian Fish Stew
Holly McCallister Creamy Cajun Tomato
East End Pub Chili
Tara's Soup Albondigas (Mexican Meatball)
Luke's Soup Spanish and Cheese Ravioli
Tara's Soup Emerald Buddha
Ms. Groovy’s Kitchen Creole Stew

Empty Bowls 2019
So I went to the dinner session to carryout some soup! It was $25, and you get four soups of your choice, a salad and bread!

Empty Bowls 2019

When I got here, I was excited to see some soups from the lunch shift available!

Empty Bowls 2019These are the ones I tried:
Empty Bowls 2019First, a quick spring mix salad.

Empty Bowls 2019And there was bread from Charleston Bread!

Empty Bowls 2019This is the Creole Strew from Ms. Groovy's.

Empty Bowls 2019

Joe's Fish Market Yugoslavian Fish Stew

Empty Bowls 2019

Luke Rodecker Spanish Cheese Ravioli

Empty Bowls 2019

Bridge Road Bistro Roasted Red Pepper Bisque

Empty Bowls 2019And my cute butter dish I chose for my bowl! Have you ever been?

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