Burd House Cooking - A Taste of Italy

By Candace Nelson - 7:13 PM

Byrd House Taste of Italy

Have you ever made homemade pasta? It's something I've always wanted to learn to do. And after my friend Alex Burdette threw a dinner party, I don't think I can ever go back to store-bought pasta again.

Alex and his wife Emily were kind enough to throw "A Taste of Italy"-themed dinner party with some of our friends. And, wow, I can't remember the last time I had such an amazing meal. Here are some tidbits.

Byrd House Taste of ItalyButternut squash ravioli with balsamic reduction and brown butter infused with sage.

Byrd House Taste of ItalyThree-cheese tortellini with mozzarella housemade ricotta and Parmesan. Basil and nutmeg. In a housemade pesto.

Byrd House Taste of ItalyGarganelli Cacio e Pepe with Parmesan and Romano cheese and black pepper and butter.

Byrd House Taste of ItalyPasta e olio - linguine with oil, red pepper flakes, garlic, parsley and lemon.

Byrd House Taste of ItalyI think the key to good pasta, for me, is the nice chew, al dente texture. I hate super soft, limp noodles. I want something to stand up rich flavor. And this was that and more.

Byrd House Taste of ItalyAnd, I didn't mention the homemade bread from Emily and Sam, and house-made tiramisu. I mean, my goodness. I nearly moved in.

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