Huntington Edition: No. 1 Kitchen Chinese Restaurant

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

No 1 China Kitchen

No. 1 Kitchen Chinese Restaurant in Huntington along US 60 is one of the few traditionally Chinese restaurants open in the Kanawha Valley area during quarantine.

No 1 China Kitchen

And as one that I've never tried before, I thought it was a great time to get out of the house for a minute, support a local business and do so while socially distant. Their system was one of the most interesting - I called in an order, when I got to the restaurant, I wrote down my phone number on a piece of paper and put it in a box outside the restaurant. Occasionally, they would fish the papers out of the box to see who was waiting and would then call a name out and bring the food.

No 1 China Kitchen

So, my haul was honey chicken - sweet, white meat chicken. This is a classic for that sweet and tangy flavor. Then the garlic shrimp with veggies gives me a bit of heat plus some fresh veggies that I love.

No 1 China Kitchen

Then steamed dumplings. I think these were my favorite part because there is something comforting about a dumpling - whatever form it may be in.

No 1 China Kitchen

Plus shrimp rolls and crab rangoons. Both were OK

No 1 China Kitchen

One thing I really did like about this restaurant is that the portions were small (and cheap), so getting a few different things was no problem - which is exactly how I love to order!

Grade: B
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