Oak Hill Edition: Tudor's Biscuit World

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Tudors - Oak Hill

There's a cluster of Tudor's Biscuit World locations around Beckley. Some I had been to before while passing through, others I hadn't. The Oak Hill location was next on my list to knock out. They were hoppin' when I stopped by, so I got in the drive-thru line.

Tudors - Oak Hill

Next on my list of biscuits was ...  The Duke, which is a biscuit with bacon, egg, cheese and hash brown. Think of it as a Mary B, with the hash brown IN the sandwich. So, this sandwich is not playing around. It is packed.

Tudors - Oak Hill

So, my choice of meat is not bacon. And, I've learned I like the hash brown on the side (inside, it gets mushy). So this is an eh on my scale.

Grade: B

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