Morgantown Edition: Jamaican Spice

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Jamaican Spice

Didn't I tell you recently that West Virginia is having a bit of a Jamaican takeover? Quite a few Jamaican restaurants have popped up. This is the first of two in Morgantown - Jamaican Spice.

Jamaican Spice

Located on Greenbag Road, Jamaican Spice is set apart with its unique gray shingled roof on the corner of a small plaza area.

Jamaican Spice

Their menu has staples like jerk chicken, goat curry, oxtail and more. Take a look at their website to see when they host specials.

Jamaican Spice

I put in an order for quite a few things. Let's start with the "Sweet Jamaican Chicken." I've had jerk chicken a number of times, but I've never heard of this. The description states: pan-fry chicken, stewed in a sweet sauce until fork-tender, Served with red bean and rice or white Rice with steamed cabbage. WOW. Yes, it's sweet, but not cloyingly so. I could bottle that sauce and put it on literally everything. Almost like a BBQ, but fruity with a nice sear on the meat, which gives some smokiness.

Jamaican Spice

Then, I got a side of pasta salad, which was in a creamy sauce and added corn and peas. The beef patty was phenomenal. Flavorful, flaky and delicious. And finally, "Jamaican Festival Bread" is a slightly sweet cornmeal. Almost like a sweet-ish cornbread - I'm all here for adding beans for a Jamaican-Appalachian mashup here.

Grade: A

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