Morgantown Edition: Lefty's Place

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Lefty’s Place

The collective heart of Morgantown broke when Lefty's Place was forced to close after the building flooded and left the dynamite pizza spot homeless.

Lefty’s Place

Lefty's Place, which serves up Detroit-style pizza, became a quick favorite of mine with its caramelized crust and cheesy perfection - despite my initial hesitation at yet another pizza joint in a college town. But this never was - and isn't - a typical pizza joint.

Lefty’s Place

That's right. Lefty's Place is back. It's now located in Burroughs Place and has used the quarantine time as a soft rollout. I may or may not have planned a trip to Morgantown based solely on picking up a pizza here. As with all things Lefty's does, their ordering process was seamless. They open up ordering a day or two ahead of time. You place your order online for a specific time. You pull up to the shop. They have a rack outside where they will put your pizza with your name on it. No contact. No exchange of money. Perfect.

Lefty’s Place

Oh, and that pizza? Perfection. You all know my love for DiCarlo's... but this may just be the second best in the state.

Grade: A+
(psst yes that's the first ever A+ on my blog - why not try something new?)

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