Chapmanville Edition: Tudor's Biscuit World

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Tudors - Chapmanville - chicken

Tell me: What's your favorite Tudor's Biscuit? I've almost made my way through the whole menu. I've enjoyed the Rocket so far, and my old standby: the sausage biscuit. But when I found myself in Chapmanville, I decided it was time to try another new one.

Tudors - Chapmanville - chicken

None of their named biscuits have chicken... but did you know they have a chicken biscuit?! Look out Chick-fil-a. So I ordered one. And had I thought this through, I would've made a nice combo with hot sauce and honey (love that hot and sweet). 

Tudors - Chapmanville - chicken

Overall, this was a good biscuit! It's definitely a bit dry without some cheese or something, so honey would've taken this up a level. But I liked it! It's not as greasy as some of the other meats and not gigantic, so it's a nice change up.

Grade: B

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