Sissonville Edition: Backwoods Bar & Grill

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Backwoods Bar & Grill

Located in Sissonville, Backwoods Bar & Grill is a restaurant that has been struggling a bit during the quarantine, so I made a visit to check them out.

Backwoods Bar & Grill

After placing an order over the phone, I arrived, gave them a call, and they brought out my food. First up is a monte cristo. It's not an open that you see often in restaurants locally, so it's a different option. The deep-fried ham and cheese has crusted powdered sugar and a very thick breading - a bit too much.

Backwoods Bar & Grill

It came with fries, but those were a bit soggy by the time I got home. Not their fault, but maybe poking a few holes in the styrofoam would help.

Backwoods Bar & Grill

Next up on the deep-fried menu was deviled eggs. I've never seen them prepared like this before, so that was neat. I like mine a good bit tangier though.

Backwoods Bar & Grill

And my absolute favorite part was their take on a buffalo chicken dip. Just a little bit of heat - but creamy and cheesy and really great.

Grade: B

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