Winfield Edition: Tudor's Biscuit World

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Winfield Tudors - Dottie

It's time to try the Tudor's biscuit favorite of my vegetarian friends: The Dottie.

Winfield Tudors - Dottie

Winfield is home to a new-to-me location, so I made my way to their Tudor's Biscuit World. It looks more modern than many locations, with a single level and brick exterior. The menu is standard - they all are. Let's talk about the biscuit.

Winfield Tudors - Dottie

The Dottie has egg, cheese and hashbrown - no meat. So each individual part here is crucial. And, this is when I learned that a really crispy hash brown just completely changes the sandwich. This all is pretty dense and carby, so I ended up adding some ketchup. But my mind has been changed on the hashbrown. It totally changes the sandwich. If it's cripsy, it's delicious. If it's soggy, don't bother.

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