Cross Lanes Edition: Tudor's Biscuit World

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Tudor’s Biscuit World - Cross Lanes

So, I recently made a list of all the remaining Tudor's Biscuit World locations in West Virginia that I have not yet been to. And, I plan to knock them all out ... eventually. And, while doing this, I figure it would be the perfect time to try each of the biscuits to be able to rank them.

Tudor’s Biscuit World - Cross Lanes

Here's my first foray - the Cross Lanes Tudor's. I went through the drive thru and started at the top of the menu: The Ron.

Tudor’s Biscuit World - Cross Lanes

So, the Ron has sausage, egg and cheese. The sausage always tends to be on the overly done side. But I realized the biscuits at this location are huge compared to the ones in downtown Charleston. So far, I like the Ron - I usually prefer sausage over bacon. But it's a large and in-charge sandwich.

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