Huntington Edition: Sunset Grill

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Sunset Grill

The owners of Bridge Road Bistro in Charleston have begun a new venture in Huntington: Sunset Grill. The restaurant sources a lot of its ingredients locally. And, they also serve as a live music venue.

Sunset Grill

Dawn and I made our way here to try it out, and it just so happened to be on Valentine's Day. Don't worry, we split the check.

Sunset Grill

We started with some bread, which looked pretty good. I think it would be even better warm.

Sunset Grill

For my main dish, I went with the Bay Scallops, with roasted garlic butter, lemon parsley and red onion, heirloom carrots and I subbed in creamy parmesan polenta (which sounded more exciting to me than almond rice pilaf).

Sunset Grill

These were little guys, but they were tasty. There was a nice crisp and bits of crunchy garlic so it had some nice texture variation to go with the soft scallops. The polenta was tasty too. All in all, a good meal.

Grade: B

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