Harts Edition: Sam's Hot Dogs

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Sams Hot Dogs - Harts

I've never been to Harts, West Virginia - that I can recall. But two restaurants prompted a recent visit: Creekers and Sam's Hot Dog Stand. I'll talk about the former later, but let's chat about the latter.

Sams Hot Dogs - Harts

Sam's Hot Dog Stand has just a few more locations I need to visit. A friend recently asked me if there's really much difference between the locations. And, there's not really. Sometimes they have a local favorite. But, mostly, I have a list and I want to complete it.

Sams Hot Dogs - Harts

The Harts location is located in a gas station, along with a Subway, too. This Sam's Hot Dog Stand is a mash-up of hot dogs and pizza from Godfather's. They have a little bit of everything - which I imagine is necessary in small towns that don't have a ton of other options.

Sams Hot Dogs - Harts

The hot dog I ordered was a regular steamed bun, mild chili, slaw and onion. It's a standard Sam's hot dog, though I did like how the chili was a bit thicker here. What's your favorite Sam's hot dog?

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