St. Louis, MO Edition: DB's Sports Bar

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

DB Sports

St. Louis has a special sandwich that is local to the area: The Gerber. T

he Gerber is an open-faced sandwich made in St. Louis, Missouri. The Gerber consists of a half section of Italian or French bread, spread with garlic butter and topped with ham, and Provel cheese (the original sandwich was made with provolone), seasoned with a sprinkling of paprika and then toasted. - Wikipedia

The sandwich can be found across the city, but I found one spot on GrubHub that could deliver it right to my hotel room: DB's Sports Bar. And, I got a side of macaroni and cheese, too.

The sandwich is really good. Think of a ham & cheese that is even better - because it has garlic and the cheese has a richer flavor. Mac & cheese was fine. But the gerber was the star here.

DB Sports

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