Franklin Edition: The Hollow

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

The Hollow Restaurant

The Hollow Restaurant is one of the newer ones in Franklin and focuses on burgers, pasta, sandwiches and homestyle dishes.

The Hollow Restaurant

So, there are a lot of standard items, like hot dogs, Italian hoagies, reubens, but then I saw one thing I've never seen before: "Pack Lunch Panini." This is jam, peanut butter, bacon, chips and banana on grilled panini bread. 

I ordered my meal to go in these COVID19 times and sat outside the local drive-in movie theater to dig in. Bonus points for creativity, but I wish I could've tasted all the components. I needed the jam to come through to get the sweet and salty, but it was mostly just salty. Still love the idea for something different, and I think just a bit more attention to the proportions could kick it up a notch. 

Grade: B

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