Huntington Edition: Soul Food Twist

By Candace Nelson - 7:42 PM

Soul Food Twist

Soul Food Twist
is one of Huntington's newest restaurants and has been pretty active on social media about all restaurant's ups and downs. So, it's been fun to watch their journey. 

Soul Food Twist

They first entered my radar when I saw they were crowdfunding to open the restaurant. Soul food?! Caught my attention real fast - we need more of these in West Virginia - and specifically the Metro Valley area. After a series of false starts, the restaurant finally opened to customers lined up around the building. Constantly. Until they were sold out.

Soul Food Twist

I had to make plans to arrive at the restaurant right around opening time to get in line to make sure I got a plate. On this particular day, I ended up here about 45 minutes after they opened, and they were already sold out of a lot of items. But, I ended up with southern string beans, mac attack, and bbq pork chop. Plus, I got a piece of a tasty cinnamon cake with buttercream icing. 

Soul Food Twist

Now, I had asked for a double portion of mac, but they had just the one I received left. And, I wanted to go with meatballs - the other entree option - but they were out of that too. But, someone must've been looking out for me because this plate was bangin'. A Pork chop might be one of the last things I'd order on a menu. But this was so tender, topped with a sweet and tangy BBQ that I kept coming back to. The mac & cheese - or mac attack - was tasty, and I'm glad I got some greens on my plate. I can't wait to try another meal.

Grade: A

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