Franklin Edition: The Korner Shop Cafe

By Candace Nelson - 10:36 AM

Korner Shop Cafe

The Korner Shop Cafe is a beloved little restaurant in Franklin. But, because I don't get to this part of the state as much as I'd like, I just recently was able to go check it out.

Korner Shop Cafe

The restaurant has a drive-up window, which is a nice bonus during these pandemic times. So, I didn't get to check out the interior, but I did park out front to get a good look at the menu before calling in an order.

Korner shop cafe

They feature a lot of homestyle dishes like omelets, burgers, steak, bbq and shrimp. I ordered my two favorite parts of a meal, an appetizer and dessert. 

Korner Shop Cafe

Breaded mushrooms are always a favorite, and these were solid - a thick coating of batter on them made them more bread than mushroom, I think. Haha. But I think that's part of the fun.

Korner Shop Cafe

And then the dessert was a brownie with ice cream and whipped topping - a perfect combo. It may look like a mess in the photo, but it was tasty.

Grade: B

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