Frost Edition: Dean's Den

By Candace Nelson - 5:24 PM

Deans den

If you told me that I would have some of the best shrimp and grits I've ever had in a small community in Pocahontas County, I would never believe you. Alas, meet Dean's Den.

Deans den

Dean's Den is really mostly convenience store where you can get road trip necessities. Their standard menu includes pizzas, salads, burger, hot dog, mac & cheese and chili. But, I think the specials are where it's at. 

Deans den

For example, in recent weeks they've had specials such as stuffed pork chops with gruyere risotto, Thai lamb curry and shepherd's pie. 

Deans den

It just so happened that when I happened to stumble upon this hidden gem, they were serving up shrimp & grits - one of my favorites. As a takeout dinner, my expectations were low. But they were completely blown out of the water.

Deans den

First of all, it was a beautiful plate with green scallions, yellow corn, perfectly seared sausage and not overly cooked shrimp (I was complaining recently about how so many places overcook shrimp and a chef friend called them little hard caterpillars, and that's the perfect descriptor -- but not here!).

And then the flavor - like a beautiful, fresh symphony of flavors. So many fresh components plus the cheesy, hearty grits. The sweetness of the corn helped cut through some of the heaviness. I only wish this was on the regular menu - but I can't wait to try another special.

Grade: A

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