Mindy's Kountry Delights

By Candace Nelson - 2:37 PM

Mindy’s Kountry Kitchen

I came across Mindy's Kountry Delights on a list of locally made products. The cottage food business is based in St. Albans and features a variety of sweets like baked goods, candies, jellies, jams and other snacks. I found her on Facebook and asked to place an order. 

She makes a little bit of everything, so I just let her know what kinds of things I like - milk chocolate, caramel, etc., and asked her to make up a platter for me. And, she did just that. She delivered it to my door (contactless!) and it was full of milk chocolates, soft caramels, chocolate-covered peanut butter balls and these O'Henry bars that have peanut butter and chocolate and like oats? Just delishhh.

If you haven't checked out her tasty treats, give her a try!

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