Barboursville Edition: China One

By Candace Nelson - 6:56 PM

China one - Barboursville

I used to LOVE love General Tso's chicken. And maybe it's a change in my preference or a change in quality over the years, but I just cannot deal with the chewy, stringy chicken that is so often found in the dish. 

China one - Barboursville

So when I went to China One in Barboursville, I gravitated toward one of my new go-tos: garlic shrimp. I placed an order online and went inside to pick it up. 

China one - Barboursville

Because the restaurant is located in a plaza, parking is easy. There was a little line at the window when I went inside, but it moved quickly. Everyone was there for takeout. 

China one - Barboursville

The garlic shrimp was not bad - a little mushy, but that's not atypical. Lots of green pepper in the veg mix, but I loved when I got a crunchy bite of broccoli or mushroom. The crab rangoons (c'mon, these are a given) were a bit overly fried for me, but they are my preferred fold-over shape. The eggroll was average.

China one - Barboursville

Overall, a fairly standard Chinese takeout meal.

Grade: C

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