Milton Edition: Mi Pueblito

By Candace Nelson - 5:48 PM

Mi Pueblito - Milton

Mi Pueblito
in Milton is an orange building with a red roof that sticks out a bit on the main drag.

Mi Pueblito - Milton

I've spent more time in Milton recently, as my favorite local baker operates there. 

Mi Pueblito - Milton

Inside the restaurant, it's bright and colorful with depictions of scenery on booths and tables. 

Mi Pueblito - Milton

I placed a call to pick up an order that included chips & salsa, camaron con arroz, and burrito superior.

Mi Pueblito - Milton

The chips & salsa were pretty straight forward - standard Mexican restaurant fare. The camaron con arroz - shrimp, rice and cheese - was tasty, but a bit on the dry side. I wouldve loved some more fresh cheese dip to drizzle and mix in to freshen it all up. The burrito - which was more of the same but with chicken instead of shrimp - fared better with some fresh cheese dip and sour cream to perk it up.

Grade: B

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