Elizabeth Edition: Roots to Wings

By Candace Nelson - 9:33 PM

Roots and wings

When I somehow found myself in Elizabeth, I was looking for a caffeine fix and found it at Roots to Wings

Roots and wings

This home is lovely on the outside and filled with decor and other items inside. But winding around to the back, there's a coffee bar. 

Roots and wings

They have a ton of specialty espresso drinks - and many with caramel, which you know is my weakness. 

Roots and wings

I went with a salted caramel frozen coffee, which I could tell they don't do a whole lot. It was a bit of a process, and I felt kinda bad ordering it. The texture was a bit off - a little chunky/icy in some spots, but the flavor was fine. It gave me a kick of energy, either way. 

Grade: B

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