Longs, SC Edition: D'Annunzio's Bakery

By Candace Nelson - 8:43 PM


The Myrtle Beach area is probably the most common vacation spot for West Virginians.


In fact, some folks call it the "56th county" of West Virginia because of how many Mountaineers you'll find there. 


So, it only makes sense that there's a pepperoni roll outpost nearby so that folks can still get their fix."
That's where D'Annunzio's Bakery comes in. 


The Clarksburg bakery offers bread, pepperoni rolls, and those same versions can be found at this Longs, S.C., bakery by the same name. My understanding is that it's a family member who opened the South Carolina location.


Were the pepperoni rolls just as good? They sure were. A very bready roll - but classic. 


They also had some products I've not seen at the Clarksburg spot that are bit more adventuruous - like apple raisin bread and cranberry walnut bread. They even had Oliverio's peppers to top your favorite Italian dishes with.

Grade: A

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