Charleston Edition: The Pitch of Kanawha City

By Candace Nelson - 8:34 PM

The Pitch of KC

When The Pitch opened at Shawnee Sports Complex, it made headlines. 

The Pitch of KC

People were excited about another restaurant concept from Chef Paul Smith.

The Pitch of KC

They had a fun, upscale bar food motif.

The Pitch of KC

And, they have a unique beer filling system that carries Stumptown Ales - arguably one of West Virginia's most beloved breweries. 

The Pitch of KC

And now, The Pitch has a franchised location that just opened in Kanawha City. Sara and I went to check it out, and despite arrive one minute before they opened, we were four down on the waiting list. It has been super busy. But once we were seated, things moved pretty quickly. I went for the "cornfused" appetizer, which has sweet potato tots and corn fritters (like a southwest corn) and chicken "wings," which are just strips. If you're in the mood for bar food that is a notch above the rest, you won't be disappointed. Nothing too crazy, but standard items with just a twist, solid flavors and a fun atmosphere makes for a good time.

Grade: A

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