Morgantown Edition: Anvil + Ax at Hotel Morgan

By Candace Nelson - 3:48 PM

Ax & Anvil

Anvil + Ax
is the new restaurant at the Hotel Morgan.

Ax & Anvil

It recently went under some renovations, and the beautiful entryway area on either side is now home to the upscale restaurant - a brightly lit, cool tiled, airy space.

Ax & Anvil

"Anvil + Ax is a relaxed European coffee shop meets refined evening cocktail bar. Part classic, part retro, part modern, Anvil + Ax brings a unique twist to the drinks and dining scene in Morgantown, WV."

Ax & Anvil

I had done my due diligence to find out when exactly they begin serving their pepperoni roll, but when I got there, they said lunch hadn't started. My incredible dismay must've been evident on my face, because the kind gentleman said he'd make it happen. and, he did. Just a few minutes later, he delivered a a wooden platter full of pepperoni rolls and french fries.

Ax & Anvil

The pepperoni rolls are cut on a diagonal, which already makes them a bit more interesting. The fresh bread, beautifully baked exterior gives a hearty crisp bite. The inside has rolled pepperoni and banana peppers, and a side of marinara completes the flavor trifecta. I would not have hated a giant hunk of hot pepper cheese in there - but I appreciate this rendition. The fries, while not exactly my preferred combination with a pepperoni roll, were also really good and crisp.

Grade: A

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