Atlanta, GA Edition: Sublime Doughnuts

By Candace Nelson - 9:27 PM

Sublime Donuts

Voted as the best donuts in Atlanta, Sublime Doughnuts was at the top of my list to try when I visited the city. They are known for their Atlanta pride in topping a number of lists for best donuts not only in the city, but the country.

Sublime Donuts

I couldn't pass up trying a few out. I started with the chocolate frosted "A" Town cream donut. Plus a s'mores doughnut, of course, Oreo, Red Velvet and more. while the fruit stuffed donuts fit my personal preference more, these donuts were creative and sweet and fun. They do have some adventurous flavors as well, and I would love to try those next time. It's tough to dislike a decent donut; even though they're not my main thing, I won't turn down a sweet treat. And these were as sweet as any, and just as tasty.

Sublime Donuts

Grade: A

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