Elkview Edition: Sam's Hot Dog Stand

By Candace Nelson - 10:14 PM

Sams - Elkview

I am casually on a journey to try all of the Sam's Hot Dogs locations in West Virginia. I am not as determined as my Tudor's and Gino's adventures, but as I see them, I'm trying to check them off. So I went to the Elkview gas station, which had a Sam's hotdog location inside and wanted to check it out. However, I've had a lot of Sam's Hot Dogs at this point, and I saw that this location had some other items - like the spicy chicken sandwich - I got this with mayo. Now, this is a gas station, so there isn't much to be said for the ambience, seating or service, but I was pleasantly surprised with the sandwich. It's totally simple, but it was pretty good. The bread was grilled. The chicken was crispy and moist, and the mayo was standard, but gave it that creamy element and, I think, above all else, it was better than I had expected. It was better than I could make it home. And I wouldn't hesitate to order it again.

Sams - Elkview

Grade: B

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