Montgomery Edition: Fruits of Labor

By Candace Nelson - 1:01 PM

Fruits of labor - Montgomery

Fruits of Labor is a cool concept that includes bakeries & cafes in Rainelle, Alderson, Beckley and Montgomery. "OUR TEAM, regardless of roots, is a family bound together by talent in a field we call home. Leadership and expertise abounds in: Culinary, Pastry, Baking, Cake Design and Sustainable Agriculture Practices. OUR CUSTOMERS know that supporting Fruits of Labor means far more than buying fresh produce, bread and bakery products, or a delicious meal – it is a personal, tangible investment in the growth and nurturing of people in their own community who demonstrate the daily courage it takes to overcome addiction," according to the website.

Fruits of labor - Montgomery

"You'll be greeted warmly at the Fruits of Labor Café & Bakery. Sometimes by a core staff member, other times by a neighbor in recovery or young person in an addiction prevention program. Both groups of students participate in our Nationally Certified American Culinary Federation Quality Training Program & Farm-to-Table Café and Bakery. Each time you visit Fruits of Labor, your purchase invests in our students and allows us to offer this training and certification free of charge."

Fruits of labor - Montgomery

I had been to the Rainelle location previously, so I was fairly familiar with the menu. Sandwiches, burgers, salads, soups and teas. The interior is basic, with some tables and chairs and a cold case but minimal decor. I landed on a ham salad croissant sandwich with a side of pasta salad.

Fruits of labor - Montgomery

I think the sandwich was OK: the ham salad was not super flavorful. I think it needed more salt, sugar, seasoning, something. Similar for the pasta salad, but it had a kinda sweet flavor. I wish it had some more savory notes with veggies and whatnot.

Fruits of labor - Montgomery

Grade: B

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