Chandler, AZ Edition: Rewind | Ice Cream + Boba Tea

By Candace Nelson - 9:12 PM

Rewind Treats

"Rewind ... is a where ice cream meets cereal to create cereal infused ice cream. During our childhood, we would spend most of our Saturday mornings watching Saturday morning cartoons and eating cereal for breakfast. As we grew older, our time in front of the TV steadily declined and so too did our consumption of cereal... Our guests are able to drill their favorite childhood cereals such as Fruity Pebbles, Cinnamon Toast Crunch or Oreos mixed together with super premium 16% butter fat ice cream and topped off with graham cracker crumbs, gummy bears, chocolate or caramel drizzle and teddy grahams among others!" according to their website.

I ordered Rewind to be delivered when I was staying in Arizona with a friend. I ordered a vanilla milkshake with cookie dough, Oreos, and marshmallow. I almost wish I would've done a chocolate base, just out of curiosity. But the milkshake I made was pretty delicious. There's always that point when the cookie pieces are a little bit too big and they kind of get mushy but they were fairly small so it all just blended well together. A pretty good milkshake overall - no complaints.

Grade: B

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