Carmel, IN Edition: Woody's Library Restaurant

By Candace Nelson - 10:03 PM


Who doesn't love a good library? So when I learned of this library, plus restaurant combo in Indiana, my friend Kayla took me to check it out.


Woody's Library Restaurant has some fun library decor, though the menu doesn't follow suit. It does, however, have a ton of variety with everything from fish and chips to sloppy joes to tacos to bison meatloaf. I know a lot of times this is found upon because it shows may be a lack of focus or expertise in one particular area. But I understand the importance of appealing to a wide crowd that has something for everybody. So, everybody can find some things they like at one place.


I started off with the cheeseburger soup. It was a really thick cheese sauce with some ground beef. I wondered if there would be the addition of tomato or lettuce or onion. But it's mostly the two main components of the sandwich, and it's not bad in soup form, but I think I prefer the actual thing.


I ordered the sloppy joe minis, which had two open face slider buns topped with just a mound of sweet and tangy ground beef with honey chipotle barbecue and American cheese. It was definitely a fork and knife situation. again these weren't bad. I am a Manwich loyalist so I would've appreciated a bit more zing, but overall a good rendition.


Grade: B

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