Charley West BBQ Fest 2023

By Candace Nelson - 8:17 PM

Charley West BBQ Fest

Charley West BBQ Fest is an annual BBQ Fest benefiting the Bob Burdette Center After School Program in Charleston. It is held on Kanawha Boulevard at Haddad Riverfront Park, and I attended for the first time this past weekend.

Charley West BBQ Fest

There are a few ways for folks to get involved. You can purchase a meal from a restaurant set up. Or, you can purchase tasting tickets to try samples from backyard and competition BBQ masters. I was super excited about the latter because these are the places you can't just try any day.

Charley West BBQ Fest

I got 3 tasting tickets - $3 - to sample three different places. I mixed it up between backyard and competition style.

Charley West BBQ Fest

I started with pulled pork from Hatfield BBQ, which was moist and delicious. No sauce here - but it didn't need it.

Charley West BBQ Fest

Next up was Gettin Piggy With It 304, which gave me this beautiful sampler of everything because I couldn't make up my mind. Rib, wing, pulled pork, brussel sprouts and a smoked deviled egg. Every item was delicious - I just wish I could get this food again! They were so generous, and I am so appreciative.

Charley West BBQ Fest

Finally, I tried Dakota Farmer's pulled pork, smoked pepper and delicious balsamic BBQ that I could eat on anything. At this point, I think Dakota should just open his own restaurant because the food I've tasted from him at various competitions is always delicious. Next time, I just hope I can get some of Dave Mincer's food!

Charley West BBQ Fest

2023 Charley West BBQ Fest Results:

Backyard Pulled Pork
1st Dave Mincer
2nd Tyson Hatfield
3rd Dakota Farmer

Backyard Sauce
1st Dave Mincer
2nd Dakota Farmer
3rd Notorious P.I.G.

Backyard Ribs
1st Tyson Hatfield
2nd Dave Mincer
3rd Dakota Farmer

Backyard Wildcard
1st Dakota Farmer
2nd Notorious P.I.G.
3rd Dave Mincer

Competition Pulled Pork
1st Stills & Squeals
2nd Getting Piggy with It

Competition Sauce
1st Stills & Squeals
2nd Getting Piggy with Itp

Competition Ribs
1st Getting Piggy with It
2nd Stills & Squeals

Competition Wildcard
1st Stills & Squeals
2nd Getting Piggy with It

People's Choice
Commercial: Soul 2 Soul
Competition: Stills & Squeals
Backyard: David Mincer

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