Boston, MA Edition: Eataly

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

EatalyImagine a huge Italian marketplace full of restaurants, food/beverage counters, bakery, retail items and even a cooking school. That's Eataly.

EatalyEataly has a few locations: Chicago, New York City, LA and Boston. I was first introduced to this concept in Chicago, and then I stumbled upon the Boston location by chance.

EatalySo, I walked in and the first section I saw was coffee at Lavazza. When it's cold and rainy, I can think of no better solution than a hot beverage. I ordered a hot chocolate, which was delicious.

Boasting over 120 years of history, Lavazza was created by the tenacious and intuitive Luigi Lavazza, the first to create coffee blends from beans of different origins. In 1895, he acquired a small grocery store in the heart of Turin. The location is still open today, while the company has grown to be the symbol of Italian espresso worldwide. Lavazza shares Eataly’s passion for quality. Our caffè offers a wide menu of Lavazza’s traditional Italian espresso-based drinks, American coffee drinks, and housemade pastries for an authentic “colazione all’italiana,” or Italian breakfast. 
Then, venturing upstairs, there are tons of small counters and open shops that have all sorts of specialty goods: seafood, meat, cheese, breads, cooking utensils, produce, oils, just literally anything you can think of.

EatalyAnd this Boston store is huge! It's so beautiful, and if I lived locally, I would definitely be buying lots of delicious items here.

EatalyI wish there was a market like this nearby. I do love the farmers market, but this takes it up a few notches.

EatalyThey even have prepared foods in addition to ingredients so you can eat AND shop.

EatalyBest of both worlds.





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