Bad Shepherd Brewing

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Bad ShepherdWest Virginia's newest brewery is up and running; Bad Shepherd Brewing in Charleston is churning out its own brews and, soon, its own branded growlers.

Bad Shepherd Brewing replaced what used to be Charleston Brewing Company. Charleston Brewing Company opened in 2013 as both a brewery and pub. A year later, the pub portion was bought out by Black Sheep Burritos, and then just a few months ago, Black Sheep's brewery, Bad Shepherd, took the place of the brewery portion.

Bad ShepherdSo, I made a trip back to check out the new brewery and new brews. The interior is still pretty standard; we went to the back to sit at the bar and look over the options.

I got a sampler of the Sheep's Bane, the Guard Llama, Bad Shepherd and EZ Tiger. Every single one of these was really good! The Guard Llama, their hefeweizen, was my favorite. But I could've guessed as much. But, I actually really liked the milk stout AND the IPA. These beers are done very well. Very good flavor, and very well balanced. Can't wait to see what else they churn out!

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