Quebec City, CANADA Edition: Odds & Ends

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

The FudgerieThere were a few lovely places we stopped at during our trip to Quebec City, but maybe not long enough to warrant a full blog post. Instead, I wanted to jot down my memories, so this is my catch-all.

Fou Di BioOne of my favorite place was Fou du Bio, which was a cute little shop that had sausages, pate, charcuterie, honey, bread, maple products and more.

Fou Di BioFou Di BioI so wanted to snag some of the various kinds of pate or cool shaped pasta, but we didn't have the means to keep it.

Fou Di BioAnd, I love that there is maple everywhere! A nice little seating area kept us warm before heading to our next adventure.

The FudgerieLa Fudgerie was another favorite. It was a super quick stop - but free samples! I had a little taste of a peanut butter fudge, which just so tasty!

The FudgerieAnd finally, Cafe Artefact is funny because it is actually the bar component for another restaurant we went to - Panache. It was New Year's Eve, and we had some time to kill before our dinner reservations, so we went to seven ... SEVEN different bars to try to get a drink, and we ended up right back at the place we previously had dinner.

Cafe ArtefactCafe Artefact was nice, though. They fit us in back in a more lounge area, and the drink I had was absolutely delicious.

Cafe ArtefactKir Panache: Chambord liquor, maple syrup, sparkling wine. It was sweet, bubbly and absolutely tasty. It may have been all that much better because it took 7 no's to finally get an adult beverage. And, we needed one after that :)

Cafe ArtefactAND, how could I forget Inox? This is where we spent our New Year's ... that is, before heading out into the freezing temperatures to sing along to songs we didn't know and dance about.







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