Charleston Edition: Drug Emporium & Healthy Life Market

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Drug emporium & healthy life
You guys, during my whole time of living in Charleston, I had never made it to Drug Emporium. Big mistake, as I have found out because LOOK at this beer selection. They even have a growler fill station!

Drug emporium & healthy lifeThey have a great local and craft beer selection. AND, there is cheese and chocolate nearby. Plus lots of other stuff, but let's focus on the beer, shall we?

Drug emporium & healthy life
Hawk Knob, Greenbrier Valley, Mountain State Brewing Company... all in one spot! Love this.

Drug emporium & healthy lifeIn Morgantown, we have a few places that have small craft beer selections, but most are not as expansive as this.

Drug emporium & healthy lifeAlso, next door there is the Healthy Life Market, which has lots of "healthy" stuff. Think herbs, spices, organic, natural, etc., foods.

Drug emporium & healthy lifeAnd, I was an especially big fan of this pork lard or duck fat.

Drug emporium & healthy lifeAlso, I think there is value in some of this stuff, but others seem a bit much. Like, some of these granola bars are so full of sugar, they hardly constitute as "healthy." BUT, there is lots of other good stuff here.

Drug emporium & healthy lifeSo, have you been to either of these? Did you discover them much earlier in life than me?

Drug emporium & healthy life

Drug emporium & healthy life

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