Boston, MA Edition: Sugarfina

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

SugarfinaI'm gonna make this one short and sweet because I didn't spend too much time here, but I did absolutely fall in love with the design and concept.


Sugarfina has this "candy bento" concept where you select one of the perfectly packaged square boxes of candies and put them in a container so you have a nice variety of candies to choose from. I super love this idea because of how beautifully packaged it is and how you can pick and choose.

SugarfinaThey have berry-flavored gummy lips, gummy ice cream cones, rose-infused gummy roses, olive-shaped white chocolate almonds, peach-flavored gummy hearts, berry-flavored jellybeans, champagne-flavored gummy bears, apple-flavored caramels and so much more.

SugarfinaSo, I tried one of the salted caramel chocolates and fell in love. Granted, this is like my favorite candy. But, it was really, really good.

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