Charleston Edition: Sarah's Bakery

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Sarah's bakeryCharleston is beaming with exceptional bakeries -- a good problem to have. And, Sarah's Bakery, located on Bridge Road, is one that has made a name for itself.

Sarah's bakerySarah's Bakery specializes pies, quiches, cupcakes, brownies and other pastries. Classic items like eclairs, cream horns, cookies, muffins, scones and cinnamon rolls are also available. And, oddly enough, the chicken pot pie is the most popular item.

Sarah's bakery

Sarah's Bakery is a collaboration between Charleston's award-winning Chef Sarah Plumley and Food Network’s “Chopped" Champion and Brooklyn, NY native Chef Eric Levine.
Sarah's bakeryThat wasn't there when we stopped by early this morning, but plenty of other goodies were: chocolate caramel corn cake, beautiful blueberry muffins, croissants, a few types of quiche and so much more. There is such an incredible selection available, and it's constantly changing. Love that. You could go at different times of day for a week and try all sorts of different items.

Sarah's bakerySo, I went for a cannoli, since they only offer them on Saturdays, as well as a slice of quiche - the asparagus, ricotta and parmesan one.

Sarah's bakeryThe filling of the cannoli was very sweet. Instead of a more mild ricotta, it was more like an icing (maybe just more sugar?) and less fluffy, more thick. It definitely made it more indulgent. Still delicious.

Sarah's bakery

The quiche was good - very fluffy and silky. The crust was soft. The top had a nice little crisp layer -- pretty tasty overall.

Sarah's bakeryBoth of these items were good. I also love that this bakery has a focus on savory items as well, because it's common to see places dish out tons of cupcakes or cookies. But, I like that you can get the savory side here. Because I like both. And, there aren't a ton of places where you can get a savory pie.

Sarah's bakeryHave you been? What's your favorite thing?

Sarah's bakery

Sarah's bakeryGrade: A
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