Charleston Restaurant Week 2017

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Charleston restaurant weekCharleston Restaurant Week is one of my favorite times of year! A bunch of restaurants in Charleston have a $30 fixed price point menu that is three courses (usually an appetizer, entree and dessert). It's a great way to try new restaurants, revisit old favorites and get a good deal on some of the pricier spots in town. 

Charleston restaurant weekThe event, which began in 2014, was held this year from Jan. 23-28 - always held during the slow time for the restaurant business to help bring folks in. The week is sponsored by Buzz, with a lot of other folks helping contribute. And, it has a huge impact on the community - with an estimated 10,000 meals sold and half-million-dollar economic impact on the city in 2016. This year's celebration is estimated to be the biggest yet - but since it just wrapped up, it might be too early to tell.

The menus are available on the website, and reservations book up quickly. So, I always study what I want and make my calls accordingly. I managed to hit up two places this past year: Adventures Bar & Grill (which will be its own post since it's a new restaurant) and Dem 2 Brothers & A Grill. And while $30 may seem like a lot at the bbq restaurant, it's all about variety here and it's SO good, it's worth it to me.

Charleston restaurant weekLots of other great restaurants participated: Adelphia Sports Bar & Grille, Adventures Bar & Grill, B&D Gastropub, Bluegrass Kitchen, Bricks & Barrels, Bridge Road Bistro, Celsius, Dem 2 Brothers & A Grill, Ichiban Pan-Asian Restaurant, Laury's, Leonoro's Spaghetti House, Mi Cocina De Amor, Paterno's at the Park, Quarrier Diner, Soho's at the Capitol Market, South Hills Market & Cafe, Su-Tei, The Block, The Chop House, Tidewater Grill.

Charleston restaurant weekThere were really no bad options. I heard great things about South Hills Market & Cafe and Laury's and Paterno's -- man I wish I had the time to try Paterno's!

So, Dem 2 Brothers was good. So much food - but all absolutely delicious. I tend to forget about them because they're on the West Side; this is a perfect reminder to get there more.

Charleston restaurant weekSo, where did you go for Restaurant Week? And, which were your standouts?

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